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A Unique Engagememt Ring

I'm currently shopping for a pear cut diamond for a client who would like my blue sapphire and gold twig ring in 18 carat yellow gold.

Many of my bestselling pieces originated with a bespoke jewellery enquiry, and I find it truly enjoyable to work with a client to create exactly what they have been dreaming of.  A bit like your local tradesman, my motto is 'no job is too small'.  So, in the past, bespoke designs have included a stretch bracelet with gold and turquoise beads, and a diamond and white gold bracelet.

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The blue sapphire engagement ring originated about an enquiry from a lovely customer who fell in love with my Twig rings but had a very particular idea as to the shape and colour of stone, as well as a specific budget.  The beauty of being a small scale designer-maker is that I have much more flexibiltiy as to what I am prepared to produce, and I don't have a pre-determined price band before I get into a dialogue for a bespoke piece.

Armed with the knowledge that my client wanted a dark blue sapphire, in either an oval or pear cut shape, I visited my gemstone dealer to look at options, followed by a visit to various findings suppliers to find an off-the-shelf setting for the stone, which would then be incorporated into the organic shaped Twig band. If I am working to a limited budget, one of my first priorities is to find out whether a standard size and shape of setting can be used as this provides a significant cost saving.  Having found both the colour and size of stones required, together with the different collets and tube settings, I sent some initial images of these to my client to see which way she was leaning.