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Birthstone Earrings - Aquamarine with Rubover Setting


The beauty of these earrings comes from the simplicity of the setting which draws attention to the gemstone.  High quality brilliant cut round gemstones, size 4mm, with sterling silver rubover setting. Sturdy scrolls provide a secure closure, ensuring that you will not lose these precious earrings easily! 

These earrings are made to order, and if you prefer a different size, or a different stone with the same setting, please get in touch.  The full selection of birthday stones will be available soon.  In the meantime, you can check the list of birthstones below:

January: Garnet | February: Amethyst | March: Aquamarine | April: Diamond | May: Emerald  

June: Pearl | July: Ruby | August: Peridot | September: Sapphire | October: Opal

November: Topaz | December: Turquoise

Please note that the colour of these gemstones may be slightly distorted on screen.  If you have any queries regarding the exact colour of the gemstones, please contact me for more information.

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