Congratulations to Sarah and Bethan

sarah bethan wedding day
I finally got some wedding photos from the lovely couple Bethan and Sarah, who got married back in August. Sarah contacted me earlier in the summer to ask if I could make her wedding ring. When she called me and I answered, she was taken aback because she had the impression that I ran a bigger business than I do, bud as you know I’m a one woman band, and taking care of my clients is what I love doing. I wouldn’t want to change that. After a lengthy chat we arranged to meet up in Hatton Garden (London’s jewellery district) in order to look at some samples, discuss what she had in mind, and also to measure her finger. As I sat in the cafe waiting for her, two people walked in. The woman’s voice sounded like Sarah’s, so I stood up, said “hello, are you Sarah?” She said yes, and I pulled up a chair to her chosen table and got started with the conversation. When she and her companion looked confused, I explained who I was and why I was there. It then became apparent that this was not my Sarah. 😂. Thankfully I’m old enough to laugh about it and not spend the rest of the day feeling like an idiot. Anyway, not long after that, Sarah and Bethan arrived and we got on with discussing our project. They are such a lovely couple. They have this aura of being in the right relationship, where you can see for sure that they make a whole, that their relationship is built on solid ground. Can you see that in these photos? I wish them all the best 🥰


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