How Will You Mark International Women's Day?

This time of year has a few big calendar events that celebrate women and highlight issues that women struggle with in their day to day lives.  As well as Mother's Day (in March in the UK and the second Sunday in May in most other countries), there is International Women's Day on 8th March.

Most of us are still more or less housebound, so you might be wondering how to celebrate or mark these days.  It is very well documented that women have been hit harder than men in many ways - from the increased workload of working from home, running a household and childcare/home-schooling, to the increased incidence of domestic abuse and the fact that women have been hit harder with redundancies.  A wonderful way to mark these days is to make a donation to charities that help women.  Here are a few that you might like to consider:

1) Actionaid - an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty

2) Wonder Foundationworking tirelessly to keep the women and girls they work with safe, healthy and learning during the Coronavirus pandemic.

3) RefugeRefuge’s specialist services include refuges, independent advocacy, community outreach projects, culturally specific services and the 24 hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline.

There are SO MANY great charities helping girls and women, both at home and in developing countries.  Global Giving is a website that gives a helpful overview.

I have created the Hope necklace as a way of generating income for charities that are close to my heart.  By buying one of these necklaces as a gift you will be helping a charity as well as making gifting very easy for yourself, as I can deliver direct to the recipient in a beautifully packaged gift box with ribbon, and a handwritten gift message of your choice.