It's nearly holiday time. Have you got your beach jewellery?

Well, we all know that this summer is going to be like no other.  Although my mood and perspective keeps changing, I believe that it's important to cling on to the positives and appreciate that it is summertime, and we should make the best of it.  I try to focus on the longer daylight, access to a lovely local park and the Thames footpath, and overall warmer weather. 

The things I miss the most are seeing my parents and being by the seaside, somewhere in the Med.  I grew up in Cyprus, by the beach, and the experience of looking out onto the Mediterranean daily, observing the changes of colour and tone of blue, the waves that pounded the rocks during storms, the stunning sunsets, have left and imprint on my spirit which is always drawn to the sea.  It's like a pilgrimage.  This special bond with the sea extends to sea treasure.  I am a compulsive beachcomber and I can't help looking for pretty seashells and pebbles whenever I am on a beach.

Bousoula's Beach, Sani Resort, Halkidiki

The Paradiso collection is one of the first I created when I started my jewellery business.  Most of the pieces in that collection came from one of my favourite beaches in the Aegean - Bousoula's beach in Halkidiki.  Recently I have added some new pieces to the collection.  They are cast from a tiny crab claw that I found in Fethiye.  The range includes a shorter choker necklace with a claw that sits across the collarbone, perfect for layering with the longer pieces for the Paradiso collection.  

I have also made a friendship bracelet with the crab claw, in sterling silver with waxed cotton cord.  As most people have a lot more time on their hands, and many are discovering the pleasure that can be derived from crafting, I have made a video showing how to tie sliding knots to make a friendship bracelet.  Click here to go to my video.

I am also giving away free DIY kits if you would like to have a go at learning how to make a friendship bracelet yourself.  If you would like one of these kits, please sign up to my mailing list and drop me a line with your postal address (email to


waxed cotton cord for friendship bracelet

The crab claw is particularly relevant at this time of year, as the crab is the zodiac cymbol for Cancer, with birth dates spanning 20 June to 22 July.  If you have your birthday within those dates, or would like to get a birthday present for a Cancerian, this would make the perfect gift - unique, handmade, and beautifully finished.

Don't forget, I make gifting very easy for you - each piece is delivered in a beautiful gift box finished with ribbon, together with a complimentary gift note, and shipping is free worldwide.  Don't dither, I have a limited quantity finished and ready to ship!