It's time to make some changes

Hi, how are you? Have you been following the news lately? Do you think COP26 is another PR exercise to make politicians look good and that nothing concrete will come out of it? Or do you think you have more immediate problems to contend with, such as your mortgage repayments, a leaking roof or your difficult boss.


Whatever is going on in your life right now, we all need to stop and think about the choices we are making from what we eat and wear, to where we will go on holiday next. Because the truth is that if we carry on as normal, we will be short-changing our children and their children. 

My Commitment to Ethical Jewellery

  • I apply the principle reduce, reuse, recycle in everything I do

  • All silver and gold used in casting my jewellery is either 100% recycled or FairTrade

  • I hand make all my jewellery in my London studio. No sweatshop is involved.

  • I use gift boxes made from recycled and recyclable card

  • I use recycled cardboard for shipping

  • I commute by bicycle most of the time and take public transport in bad weather

  • I buy my electricity from a green provider.

  • I’m always looking for ways to improve the sustainability of my business

  • I compost all organic waste

Join me for an easy win for all of us!

For the duration of the COP26 conference, I will donate 20% of the value of any order you place on my website to the Tree Aid charity, who have grown almost 22 million trees across the Sahel region. They are now growing 1 tree every 19 seconds. All you have to do is buy some of my jewellery. I will take care of the rest!

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