New Beginnings

I read somewhere that August is the Sunday of the year. I really don't like Sundays, so the analogy made my heart sink.  As we wave goodbye to the long days of summer, like me, you might be feeling a sense of loss.  How do I handle this change?  By refocusing on the things that really make me happy - observing the changes in nature which is all around us, and looking for beauty in the most unlikely places, such as weeds that create the most beautiful seed heads.  There is another reason to celebrate September: Sapphires!

Sapphire is the birthstone for September, and also happens to be my favourite gemstone of all time.  Sapphire is available in lots of different colours, not just the deep blue that it is known for.  From pastel pinks to deep red, shades of green and grey, even purple and orange.  Sapphire is said to restore balance within the body, aligning the physical, mental and spiritual planes, bringing serenity and peace of mind.  It is also said to stimulate concentration, bring lightness, and joy. Well, I would challenge you not to feel a sense of lightness and joy if you opened a jewellery box and found a piece of handmade jewellery adorned with some luscious sapphires.

sapphire drop earrings

sapphire necklaces

I have had a stash of sapphire beads and smooth briolettes which I bought some time ago, just because I couldn't resist them, but had not got round to creating a collection with them.  This is the year that I have finally created a limited collection of pieces with these unique gemstones.  Simplicity is key with this collection so that the stones themselves can do the talking. 

The beaded bracelets are beautifully cut to give plenty of sparkle, and are combined with silver or gold beads to provide contrast and bring out the beauty of the colours.  The necklaces feature one luscious briolette drop hung from a fine trace chain, again available in silver or gold.

As usual, all pieces are handmade by me in London, so if you would like to have a slightly different design, or a different mixture of stone colours, get in touch and I can create a bespoke piece for you.