Summertime Fun

Happy Monday everyone! I know it’s pretty late in the day, but I’ve had a ridiculously busy day so I’m catching up only now. How was your weekend? Did you go to Glastonbury (or catch up with it on TV)? Isn’t it amazing to be able to enjoy things like live music, sitting in an auditorium (or standing in a field)? Here is a photo of me from two weekends ago. Yes, there are sheep in the background but no, I wasn’t at Glastonbury, but at another world class place - Glyndebourne . It was my first time, and in the run up to it I was feeling a bit meh - it’s been so long since I have dressed up that I couldn’t remember where my high heel shoes were and I couldn’t decide what to wear. I wasn’t sure whether my belly would stick out and I was so out of practice with the eyeliner that I had to smudge it in the end. Even worse, my husband discovered that his DJ has been had by the moths, so I had to call the box office to check if he could wear a regular suit instead of black tie. In the end I was relatively satisfied with the way I looked and the performance was just amazing (the Marriage of Figaro). The cast, the orchestra, the set - everything was world class. The whole experience was made more special by the fact that we could roam around the grounds of an idyllic rural property, on a balmy Sunday evening, enjoying a posh picnic and generally being very civilised. It made me feel alive again - joyful and grateful to be taking time out from the routines that got bedded in over months of not going anywhere, doing anything or seeing anyone. I especially enjoyed choosing my jewellery, mixing some heirloom pieces with ones that I have made myself. It reinforced my belief that jewellery should be worn, not be kept locked away, out of sight only to be brought out once in a blue moon. Life is too short and jewellery is too precious to be locked away! So make sure you regularly peruse your collection and wear your jewellery. I’ve been doing this once a week, picking out pieces that I will wear for the week,