Unveiling the Magic of Birthstone Gifting: Personalized & Meaningful Jewellery

Making someone feel special with a gift is an art, and jewellery imbued with personal meaning takes it to a whole new level. Birthstones are the perfect way to personalize a piece for a landmark birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion. Meet Molten Gold in colour: timeless, elegant, minimal style.

Birthstones have been associated with specific months for centuries, each symbolizing unique qualities and bringing a touch of magic to the piece. Here are some reasons why birthstone jewellery makes the perfect gift:

  • Personalization: It shows extra thoughtfulness by incorporating their birth month.
  • Meaningful Connection: Each birthstone carries symbolic associations like love, strength, or wisdom, making the gift even more special.
  • Timeless Beauty: Birthstones come in a variety of stunning colors and cuts, ensuring you find a piece that complements their style.

Molten Gold is a collection that has evolved over time, as I created bespoke pieces for clients from recycled gold as they looked for handcrafted simple yet precious gifts for landmark birthdays or significant occasions in their lives, such as graduation or the birth of a baby.  This Birthstone range is the first step in an ever-expanding selection of the Molten Gold collection.  If you see an design in that collection that you would like to have with a birthstone, please get in touch to discuss options.

 Birthstone Symbolism and Qualities
January Garnet Passion, Strength, Protection
February Amethyst Peace, Wisdom, Tranquility
March Aquamarine Courage, Hope, Communication
April Diamond (or Quartz) Everlasting Love, Strength, Purity (Diamond)
May Emerald Love, Growth, Prosperity
June Pearl (or Moonstone) Purity, Innocence, Wisdom (Pearl)
July Ruby Passion, Zest for Life, Leadership
August Peridot Happiness, Harmony, Success
September Sapphire Wisdom, Truth, Nobility
October Opal (or Tourmaline) Creativity, Hope, Transformation (Opal)
November Citrine (or Topaz) Abundance, Optimism, Creativity (Citrine)
December Turquoise Protection, Communication, Healing


More Than Birthstones: Unveiling Options

Birthstones might not be for everyone. I also offer a variety of personalization options to create a one-of-a-kind gift:

  • Ethical Precious Metal:  Using 100% recycled gold ensures that I offer ethically created jewellery for the conscious shopper.
  • Engraving: Add a special message, name, or date to make it truly unique.
  • Other Customisations: From classic or modern stone settings, unusual gemstones or cuts or reworking of heirloom jewellery, there is a wealth of choice that will ensure that the gift is truly personal.