Spring is on its way

This is a great time of year for observing nature, but change happens really fast. In the past, I have found myself surprised that suddenly deciduous plans have become covered in bright green leaves and I have sleepwalked past the stages in between. This year I have told myself to look out for and record the first time I spotted a new green leaf. You probably wouldn’t believe it, but it has happened already, on a pretty nondescript shrub, in a very unspectacular way. I took a photo but it’s not worth sharing. The last few days my attention has been caught by a lot of trees and shrubs from the cherry family which are coming into bloom in a very understated way. They are the ones with small, delicate flowers in shades of greenish white or pale pink. They look like confetti floating through the air. Soon the bright pink ones will be catching everyone’s attention, but in the meantime the native species are quietly signalling the approach of spring. #botanicaetcetera #cherryblossom #springiscoming #understatedelegance #bridalflowers #allwhite