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Sunbeam Cufflinks

Understated, and sophisticated, these cufflinks are part of a series inspired by patterns found on cast iron street furniture widespread around London. The service covers are a reminder of Britain's industrial past, the Arts and Crafts Movement and the design detail incorporated into the most mundane things. The diversity of patterns, some Islamic, some nautical, are also a reminder that London is a melting pot of diverse cultures from the far corners of the earth, creating a palimpsest of beauty over the centuries. These cufflinks are called Sunbeam for two reasons - firstly because they remind me of a burst of sunlight, secondly after an early brand British-made automobile, the Sunbeam, which was produced in the early 1800s, as the shape resembles that of these old cars. These sterling silver cufflinks have been designed, made and finished in London. As with all items, these cufflinks are delivered in a luxurious gift box finished with grosgrain ribbon. If you are ordering a gift, please leave a note when placing your order and we will deliver with a gift card.

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